Kevin from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
from Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, USA

“I am very excited to be a new member of The British Beard Club! After following TBBC on Twitter for while, it became obvious to me what a fine organization it is, filled with a huge variety of friendly people who share my enthusiasm for facial hair. Despite living in the US, I wanted to join to make positive connections with like-minded people.

“I have been staring at beards and moustaches since I was five, and could not wait until I was able to grow one myself. While it isn't the thickest one around, I love mine and I fluctuate between a full beard and a goatee during the year.

“My other interests are horror movies, tattoos (mine still aren't done, and I'd love some knuckle work), spirituality, and good people.

“While not a regular drinker, I do hope to do a pub crawl somewhere in England or the UK at some point before I'm too old. (This stems from watching An American Werewolf In London as a child, and thinking that pub they were in looked like fun. Go figure.)

“I look forward to interacting with my fellow members, so please feel free to contact me on Twitter anytime.”
“Kevin (though friends call be Bubba)”

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