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David, John and John at The William Harwicke, Bognor
David, John and John at The William Harwicke, Bognor

Probably the smallest but very valuable meeting of The British Beard Club took place at The William Harwicke Pub in Bognor Regis on the evening of Wednesday 3rd March, when we met up with John and his wife Cheryl. In their spare time, supported by Cheryl, John is a member of a troop of keen re-enactors of American Civil War battles, and of course he looks the part!

He and his wife have an extensive and detailed knowledge of the battle histories of the men who fought and the Generals who commanded, and John entertained us with stories of bearded General "Stonewall" Jackson in the Battles of the Bull Run, and John's US visit to renact them.

At the last minute several of the expected bearded potential members were unable to be at this meeting, but we plan to hold another meeting on a weekend at a different Bognor Regis venue, which we hope will be better attended.

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