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Will, Guy and David after the Beef course
Will, Guy and David after the Beef course

Our brother club, The Handlebar (Moustache) Club kindly extended an invitation to members of The British Beard Club to attend the Handlebar Club's Post-Christmas Lunch at the Victory Services Club in London on Sunday 10th January, and I was glad to see Guy from Bishops Stortford, accompanied by bearded colleague Will, whom he'd brought along to see what goes on at such events.

The roast beef course was good and after the meal there was a watercolour auction which made £100 for the Childrens' Liver Disease Foundation, some speeches and a lot of photo-taking.

Afterwards most of the lunch guests repaired to the nearby Windsor Castle, the "home" pub in Crawford Place, London of The Handlebar Club, run by jovial and generous Michael Tierney, who is more than likely to want to photograph you for his extensive gallery of facial foliage on display all over the walls and ceiling of the Pub. Both Guy and Will are about to become exhibits there, and you can find me on the left just over the window!

I do hope this gathering or one like it can become an annual event for The British Beard Club, and maybe for Christmas 2010, we can invite The Handlebar Club to join US!

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