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Bluesdog Mick, Tony and Steve at The Duke William
Bluesdog Mick, Tony and Steve at The Duke William

The British Beard Party Coalition Candidates Tony and Bluesdog Mick arrived at the Duke William in Stourbridge High Street as planned for 7:30 pm, to find that one keen member had already got there before them - a very nice chap called Steve from the nearby Tipton constituency.

Interviewed after the count, Imbibing Officer Tony said:
“The three of us had a very pleasant evening and all agreed that we should try again sometime soon - perhaps the mid-week timing wasn't as convenient for most people as we hoped, because our quiet little meeting stayed exactly that way!

“The landlord and bar staff were very friendly and showed some interest in the club, although we were unable to persuade them to become beard growers themselves. Mick has suggested we have the next meeting at a weekend during the school holidays and we also discussed the idea of a camping weekend, with music and a barbecue. A friend of mine owns some land in Kinver which we could probably use, if other folks like the idea.”

Let us know if you do like the idea of a camping weekend in the summer, with music and a barbeque. “The British Beard Club Barbeque” has a nice ring to it!

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