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World Beard and Moustache Championships
2011 Results - Moustache Categories
WBMC 2011 Trondheim Norway
Natural Moustache
English Moustache
Dali Moustache
2nd - Andreas Rellfelt, Sweden   1st - Wolfgang Schneider,  Germany   3rd - Bo Jonsson, Sweden
2nd - Jeffrey Moustache, USA   1st - Tony Wiess, Switzerland   3rd - Jake Snake, UK
2nd - Max Pankow, Germany   1st - Helme Ynon, Finland   3rd - Jeff Well, USA
Imperial Moustache
Hungarian Moustache
Freestyle Moustache
2nd - Benjamin Juergens, USA   1st - Giovanni Dominice, USA   3rd - Eugen Hipp, Germany
2nd - Ståle Pedersen, Norway   1st - Bruce Roe, USA   3rd - Tore Moan, Norway
2nd - Jan Håkon Bekkavik,	Norway   1st - Keith “Gandhi Jones” Haubrich, USA   3rd - Evan Gillespie, Canada